About Me

Hello there. I’m Michelle. I’m an eighth grader. 😛

I see myself as a pretty normal teenager. I’m definitely an indoor person. I love listening to electronic dance music in my free time, and oftentimes I sketch and fantasize about pretty much anything while doing so. That brings me to my absolute favorite pastime: drawing. Art is my favorite subject in school, and I always doodle all over my notes. I also constantly browse through art on the Internet. Let’s just say it’s a big part of my life.

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My second favorite subject in school is English. I love literature. I enjoy reading stories that’re posted online and writing my own little stories. It’s fun creating characters from scratch because it’s a challenge. In order for a character to be realistic, they need to have good and bad qualities, you know? And it’s pretty nice when you can connect to characters created by others. Writing is also a way for me to deal with negative feelings. I write everything down on a paper and just knowing it’ll all be on it helps.

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Last but not least, I like eating food. And, well, people who don’t must have strange reasons. And I especially like noodles.

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